And this demonstrates that, although some modern schools of thought seek to do so, human beings cannot be defined as solely physical. The most important period for the formation of our beliefs is the period of early childhood. Some animals live solitary lives. Even if the affection comes from an animal or someone we would normally consider an enemy, both children and adults will naturally gravitate toward it. TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS There is a form of Psychology called "Transactional Analysis" that observes interaction between people, and has done research. Based on that, I think there are four vital things that make us human: the need to love; the need to be loved; the need to be accepted; and to be respected as a human being in the first place. As we get older, we may learn to treasure our independence, but, in our heart of hearts, we still crave attention and love. Children need love and affection because it helps them feel safe, comforts them, helps them feel accepted and builds self-esteem. not literally but our emotions become very low. In fact, according to Mental Health America, unconditional love is considered basic to a child's good mental health. Psychologists say that the crucial period is from the fifth to the seventh year, where this seven-year cycle (the first seven years) is copied and repeated throughout life. (ref. This is why do children need love and affection. God just made us that way, we need eachother to survive thats why we feel empty when noone is there to understand or connect with us Why Do We Need Love and Affection So Much After 60? Although men have been programmed to show up strong and be providers, they are still human and at their core have a need for affection. Just think of this in this way, if animals need love and affection who are we to say we dont. We humans are made to need love, without love or affection we will die. 2. Affection. Not human beings. In a scene in the film The Elephant Man , John Merrick is chased into a railway toilet … Sometimes, over-caring and affection can be a problem for an individual, because under such a situation, one often appears vulnerable and fragile. The eternal touch of hug , the romantic feel of kiss, the beautiful laugh of children and the scattered wrinkled love of your parents are all the need of a person to live. I believe that no one is born free of the need for love. We are hard-wired to be social creatures.
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