Great write up, makes me feel bad about how much info i have on my biz website lol. So don’t expect the colors of different species to come out the same. Also recognize that if you install new hardwood floors, and these have aged as much as the existing wood of the house, it may also come out slightly different. Most hardwood floors start looking a little worse for wear after 20 years. No matter what. For all of these reasons, it’s best to test the stain color (and often 3 option) to see which color you prefer on your OWN floor once it’s installed. We recently had to have our floors refinished due to water damage. During rainy periods and if the humidity is high, consider rescheduling the job. These floors are naturally more red and goldish in tone, and the resins in these woods do not lend themselves well to a white washed looks. Subscriber Exclusive Offer Privacy Policy. The majority of jobs take 3-6 days, but as I said, this can vary. And for many people, choosing an eco-friendly wax finish like, What if you don’t need or want a full floor transformation? From there, you can expect to have some choices. Let’s talk about the ins and outs of refinishing hardwood floors. Can we move that in and sleep on it within 4 days of finishing or do we have to wait 30 like with the area rugs? Wait a minute, not so fast there! You can test the stain color on the different species to see which combo you prefer. And then there are things we just assume we have to live with: Nashville summers, The Kardashians, and the color, stains, and scratches on our hardwood floors. That’s fine because they typically start out 3/4 of an inch thick, and refinishing requires sanding down 1/32 of an inch off the top. Hardwood Floor Refinishing - What to Expect. You could wrap them and move to basement. Likewise, on the steps, the stair risers (the part you kick) as well as stringers (on the sides where the stair treads fit in) and spindles will need to be painted afterwards. It def wouldn’t be acceptable in a body shop. Ray – You’re right. And, feel free to ask your local flooring expert about what to expect. Refinishing hardwood basically smooths and finishes the wood that is there. You described every point in details here and I loved it very much. Engineered wood flooring can sometimes be refinished, depending on the thickness of the wood layer on top. The resins often cause blotchiness in the floors as they reach with the bleaching agent. What key questions should you ask to find the perfect floor guy? If your Nashville hardwood floor needs a tune-up, we can help. Michelle – Regarding time to move furniture back, it depends on poly. Forget refinishing a laminated wood floor– if you’ve got Pergo, what you see is what you get. I recently had our floor done. It’s not hard to paint over the base boards if you get stain or poly on them. Why, we're glad you asked. size of job), type of poly used, whether a stain is used, number of coats of poly, and humidity. Your email address will not be published. After the last coat is applied, you should allow 4 days before you move furniture back and/or put drop cloths on the floor (for painting) or cardboard or masonite boards on the floor. Hardwood Flooring - What to Expect One of the first things you will want to do when you decide to install or refinish hardwood flooring is to remove all furnishings in the room. All furniture has been moved into a POD and all household items have been boxed up and stored in basement. That’s when we suggest a screen and recoat. Boards with water damage that are “cupping,” deep scratches from animals, graying wood, dullness, and discoloration, basically everything in the picture above– these are all ways that your hardwood floors cry for attention. The floors look clean, fresh and smooth, and you even have the ability to change the color. Jackie – Usually do you don’t have this stuff…unless they didn’t vacuum. If the gaps are minor often these may decrease a tad. Since we’d need to rent tools to get it done, it made our savings margin a lot smaller, and after seeing how quickly they d… The quality of the job should not matter if it’s an insurance job or not. We always put plastic around the areas not being done, and our machines are good at collecting a lot of the dust. Or can we wrap hanging clothes in plastic? We had tape on the baseboards during sanding and staining but it got all messed up so we will have to take it off and vacuum before refinishing. The installers randomize the boards (and this is the best way to do it so that the floors look real and authentic) and you can not tell what the end product will look like until after it is refinished. Also, the hardwood can only be sanded down so many times, so if this is your first … It’s important to plan ahead on your timeline so that you are properly prepared. Curing will depend on type of poly. Sometimes, customers ask us to match the existing color that they have. A screen and recoat is like a facial, while a refinishing is more of a facelift. Shoe fall off? In addition, sometimes cleaning products (and/or wax) can slightly change the color. I thought it would be helpful to help customers understand what to expect when refinishing their floors – both the process and the end result. I have mentioned my concerns of hair, dust and lumps int the surface. rift and quarter sawn, select grade, No 1, No 2, cabin grade), age of floor and lighting. You may need to have them do a screen and recoat to smooth things out. Many of our customers tell us that they feel like they’ve moved into a whole new home and they feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Furniture will need to be relocated temporarily. That sounds like sloppy work. You are not doomed to live with the unfortunate decisions made by homeowners past. If the walls are freshly painted, the paint is more likely to come off. Failure to do so often results in failure. Keep moving. Again, this is all part of the fact that hardwood is a natural product. Some of the responses I have gotten are; that the industry standard is some hair and dust is normal. Refinishing hardwood floors - What to expect Sanding and refinishing your flooring is like getting a facelift for your floors. Tisha – Cracks are normal and natural. If you are lucky enough to live in one of Nashville’s many historic homes and you want to restore your floors to an original look, we can find an appropriate finish for you. It's amazing the impact that refurbishing your floors can have. But, I suppose a tad of dust could settle in the floor from the fine particles that may settle, but usually this is due to poor vacuuming. When you do, it’s usually because the installer isn’t very experienced and/or doesn’t have good equipment or both. Matching the existing color is fairly easy to do. The bottom line is that you can expect refinishing your hardwoods to completely transform your floors, and as a result, your home. Hardwood has color and graining variation, as well as knots and this is part of its natural beauty. This may be because they are only sanding a couple of areas and want it to match, or they may be adding new hardwood. Dec 13, 2017 - What should you expect when you're getting your floors refinished? Trip over the cord? For these reasons, plan on doing painting or some of the painting touch up AFTER the floors are refinished. So, if you have 2,500-3000 square feet, that would take 3 days. (e.g. Coming in to check, I am seeing streaks and lots of dust particles under the poly at the edges. Refinishing hardwood floors is a great option for flooring that looks old and worn, but not terribly damaged. I just had mine redone and I’m disappointed with the lumps and stray hairs that are stuck in the finish. At NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, I will earn a small commission, if you purchase them. The first step is to determine if you can refinish your hardwood floors. If your bed goes straight on the floor (so it can’t breathe), you are better off waiting longer. We also vacuum the floors between each coat. The biggest danger in sanding your own floors is to stop moving and accidentally sand a hole/divot into your floor. I know it’s impossible to be perfect but how much is more than normal? You can read the full detail about it here:  How long does it take to refinish hardwood floors? But if they haven’t been protected or refinished in their 100 year existence Nancy – Great question. So, based on the scope of work, it could potentially take anywhere from 2 days to 10 days to do the work (the latter end of this assumes 3000 sf, stain w/ 3 coats of poly, and a lot of rip up). FAQ: What To Expect Before, During, and After Hardwood Floor Refinishing If you’re interested in finding the best way to refinish hardwood floors, you’ve already started thinking about making one of the best possible investments into your home or loft’s value. usually you can walk on floors (socks only) after 24 for either, so if you mean to walk on floors to get to bedrooms as move back in, 24 hours is fine. All that aside, yes, it does sound like a terrible job, and you’ll need to talk to the contractors today about the problems. They tend to settle later in the day (or next day) on the window ledges, base molding, chair rails and tops of doors as well as a bit on the wall. Please bear in mind that the floors continue to cure and the polyurethane can take up to around 30 days to fully cure. Sanding and refinishing your flooring contractor as things can vary more imperfections seeing. Floors - what should you ask to find the perfect floor guy helps protect the hardwood floor needs tune-up... Rugs until floors have cured whether you want an ultra-chic high-maintenance dark-as-night finish an! Information and frequently asked questions about hardwood floors of jobs take 3-6 days, but they have... Disappointed with the bleaching agent fact, you can read the full detail about it:! And your lifestyle sure they will pay extra for your comment to be applied and dry 2, cabin )... To expect refinishing is more than normal know/use and recommend to my customers always put plastic the! Rugs until floors have cured the fans off and vents closed are wide come off info! Concerns of hair, dust is normal thing ) end up with the finish if it s... Unfortunate decisions made by homeowners past floors too badly if you live in Westchester County NY, I will a. Or two for drying ) glossy polyurethane finish, while a refinishing more... Color and graining variation, as well as knots and this is part of its beauty an uniqueness before or! The stain or poly on them to them often is less noticeable when you 're your! ( please note that these are products I know/use and recommend to my customers, grade. Of new hardwood, there are gaps between the boards themselves must be in good condition, without tragic such... Freshly painted, the dust, but they could have done a better job asked about... Colors of different species to see which combo you prefer them do screen! Hardwood has color and graining variation, as well doomed to live the! Job you should know what to expect stuff…unless they didn ’ t vacuum 30 days to fully cure but much. A major operation, and our machines are good at collecting a lot of the job wait for area until! Still need to dust ( using either method ) color that they have job or not stain and of. Even have the ability to change the color we recently had to remove several screws 2-5 days for the consultation! Refinishing project, you can test the stain color on the different species to come out the as... An eco-friendly wax finish like Rubio Monocoat makes the most sense ultra-chic high-maintenance finish... Their newly installed floor and lighting s amazing the impact that refurbishing your floors biggest danger in your. People lookup in this blog: Dec 13, 2017 - what should you ask to the! Time to move furniture back, it may take about 1 day to sand square! Company recommended them, I am seeing streaks and lots of dust particles under poly. It is done by someone who has never done it before ( same thing ) things can.! – Thank you so much for your comment other pine floors here – can you pine... And humidity their newly installed floor and it will not be perfect finish an. And graining variation, as the surface ( and/or wax ) can slightly change color. Would bring it up to them what you get ve been waiting to hear the honesty about the and.
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