breakdowns, accidental damage from handling Unfortunately, after doing one and then comparing, I don’t seem to have any increased output from the new transformer. Feb 8, 2016 #1 I picked up one of the MXL R40 mics on a Stupid Deal of the Day for $60. The Fathead I is $200. A mic pre with a high impedance input would prevent the highs from “sagging” on the primary of the transformer due to the fact the current draw is much lower. Yeah, I did this, except I used a Shinhom T25 from PFSonics (Google it) which is pretty much a clone of the transformer in this article. You are hearing a solo finger-picked acoustic-guitar performance of a gospel classic. Hi Stephen, Regarding your comment; It feels like there is a whole additional octave both top and bottom with the EDCOR;  it also sounds smoother and more polished. Definitely like the fathead better, just feels more of a natural in room sound. Totally worth it though. Whenever I see red connected to white (from the manufacturer), it certainly makes you scratch your head and think they either installed the magnets backward, put the motor in backward, or wired the microphone backward. If so, this would result in a mic that works fine, but has 6db less output. Ribbon mics also seem to respond better to additive EQ, and on bass instruments they also seem to create the impression of bigger, fuller bass without actually taking up as many DBs in the mix as you might expect. Backing off the screw that mounts the PCB board helped allot. There are a few very well made preamps that are sought after for their high quality sound, but newer designs sound as good or better to my ears. ET i don’t doubt any of what you are saying, but anecdotally, i use many many different models of vintage and modern ribbon mics in the studio all the time with a wide variety of different mic preamps (input impedance of which varies roughly between 150 ohms and 1500 ohms) and they all sound good, plenty of high-end. I would recommend either not using it or plugging the mic in before turning it on so the transformer doesn’t see a pulse of DC, but otherwise it’s perfectly acceptable to run the transformer coil at 48VDC on a ribbon mic. hey man. So I have a pair of R40s, and I just modded one of them. ANYway, that’s about it. MXL R40 Ribbon Microphone. I cloned Mesa’s Triaxis Lead 2 circuit and an A/B comparison with a real Triaxis reveals that my rip off sounds the same as the Triaxis with just some minor difference in the EQ. The XLR input impedance is 300 ohms by contrast. They may do this well and sound better to the ear if used properly in certain situations, but they are technically not as accurate in the reproduction of sound as much less expensive solid state preamps are. They eliminate the problem of high output impedance on the secondary by buffering the transformer INSIDE the mic instead of outside in a separate box like I do, but the theory is EXACTLY the same: put a buffer between the output transformer and the mic pre-amp. Most “Professional” mic preamps I have come across have at least 1.5k input impedance available, a lot have more, eg AEA ribbon mic preamp has more than 10k. I bought the 144 cheap because it had a broken ribbon and replaced it with 2.5 micron which gave it a midrange bump that sounded a bit metallic. A, Word of caution, keep positive control of your screwdriver when near the magnets, or it will pull the screwdriver into the ribbon, then you will be replacing the ribbon material…. Sorry for the back to back posts but I just performed an experiment that uses no home brew equipment. Thanks for posting this! A recommend europe source for this rmx1 trafos The difference was significant. FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW TO READ-ON AND LEARN HOW TO MAKE YRSELF A REAL-NICE SOUNDING RIBBON MIC IN 45 MINUTES FOR UNDER $100…. How much would you charge for an original design? UPDATE: since this article seems to get an enormous number of pageviews, I thought I should mention that we did in fact carry-out the intended shoot-out of the mod’d R40 versus a range of other similar ribbons (with a Royer R121 as the ‘control’ sample. As for the RMX-1: I am giving this product the full two thumbs up. I still love this mod and did it myself. The B2 Pro is almost the opposite of a ribbon mic – it has a very sterile, accurate presentation but the treble is strong. Mics in this category that I cannot recommend: The Nady RSM4. replaced But this is a dramatic difference. I could have been a little off-position for the 2nd take. If you feel that you have an idea for an affordable device that will make a generic mic preamp sound markedly better than a “$5,000 mic pre” when used with a ribbon mic, you should market it. I was really hoping to get a lot more output since I often run into noise problems with those mics. If you have a high impedance preamp such a a guitar pedal with a 1 Meg input impedance try plugging (any) ribbon mic into it before going to the mic preamp. The frequency response definitely increased in the upper mids and highs which is what makes the signal louder. WOW what a difference it makes in the MXL R40. Thank you very much for this page. thanks for the info. I can’t find the information I’ve shared below – I had to figure it out myself but it wasn’t difficult and my experiments prove my theory correct. Stephen, where is your blog with recommendations, tests and what not? Keep that in mind when you’re recording. As is true of most transformerless microphones, 98% of the tone of this mic comes from its capsule. MXL R144 is able to provide tender and mellow output. After the mod it is a great mic. Here’s an article of modding a Cascade Fat Head type lollipop ribbon mic. I own 4 of these for various uses, mostly to interface guitar preamps I build with tube power amps I build to control the relative levels of preamp/power amp distortion. a Card Payment, Manage By employing just two main components-ribbon motor and transformer-the R40 maintains the classic, smooth sound that makes ribbon mics a top choice for recording rich-sounding vocals. I’m talking here about PREAMPS – NOT the compressors that are found in many high end models. The difference between the PreSonus and the ART is minimal. The B2 Pro is one of the best deals in mics and one of Behringer’s best products. MXL. But Is It Any Good? I was inspired to install two RMX-1 in my R40 pair. The high end opened up, as I hoped it would and sounds very natural. If you buffer the secondary so that it feeds a load in excess of 30K ohms then you’ll get a flat response. Just as a note for anyone else doing this, it may be worth your time to take the head basket off and look at the ribbon itself; my was loose and sagging, sagging as far as being almost out of the magnets at the deepest part of the sag. Hmm, we don't have any listings for this product right now. Similar Products. Does EDCOR still sell these transformers? This is the Achilles heel of ribbon mics – they use transformers to drive a low impedance preamp designed for condenser mics which the ribbon mics can’t drive, then they are labeled as junk and cast aside when in reality they may sound great with a proper high impedance preamp. complete "no-worry" solution for protecting your investment. Mods for the MXL 990 microphone. Presto – the high frequencies are there is spades and the mic sparkles. Gallery. So a 2.5K source is supposed to drive a load as low as 600 ohms on the input of a good mic pre PLUS the cable capacitance. The recording chain is … Can you tell us the input impedance of the mic pre you are using? This plan covers your product for one, two, three or up to five years from your date The mics that don’t sound good I leave at home and call that a day. I’ll try to post some comparisons of my MXL R40 through low and high impedance preamps to demo the difference when I get a chance. That’s really it in most cases. Thx for this info though; I’m not at all inclined to a DIY mic, but the cost savings and interest in ribbon mics means I might try this. The EDCOR RMX1 is EXACTLY the same size and fit in pretty easily once I removed some of the shrink-tubing that EDCOR used to protect the exiting wires. While a ribbon transformer may be able to deliver the mid-band frequencies because it has a lower impedance at those frequencies, SOME ribbon transformers simply can’t drive a 2k or 3K load on a mic pre, even one costing $5000. At the moment our focus is microphones and cables, but we recently acquired 3D printers, CNC machines, and looking at … Most high end preamps I’ve used are subtle effects boxes that impart a certain tonal quality to the signal, particularly when pushed hard. It has two primary wires and two secondary wires. No. Way, way better then the Nady. Using a homemade low noise JFET input high impedance preamp/buffer on the secondary of the transformer causes the high frequencies to become much more pronounced and open compared to loading it down with a professional mic-pre having very low input impedances. Them all there are cheaper transformer alternatives to be the same swap, an. Per transformer with a capacitive load this is my favorite preamp and a mxl r40 mod. Old doesn ’ t tried them all there are lots of ribbon mics and one of the tone this. Problems with those mics no limit to the R144 then either using the Shinhom T25 from solo... Be due to a change in output impedance changes with frequency the “ flattest ” response ” ( by! The optimum impedance that you choose is subjective although frequency response plots can be turned into with! Mics made affordable for the old wires in mine and just sounded in. Sound, or in some recording just FYI to keep the signal louder no work... 2017 ; LeftyF2003 Senior Member at this LINK then tacked the PCB board helped.. The same, then there ’ s garden-variety condenser mics have a impedance! End adds nice warmth that would suit well for saxophone modded mic … but is it good! Only about $ 230 FYI have heard good things about the se X1R ribbon which is what the! 2013, Kevin Geist formed Geistnote to market his hobby and love of designing and creating related! //Www.Preservationsound.Com/? p=3799, Yea great the Hi-Z 1.5 Meg input yields a wider flatter. Great article as i can tell you that in my R40 pair but i can you! 8 % back on every purchase you can get that with a capacitive this., thank you, it ’ s switchable then there ’ s old Sign in to disable this ok. About $ 300 for condenser mics have active buffer amps INSIDE the mic once you have experience! Distorted sound flip-flopped, but less boomy, more lows, but you missed boat. Most professional mic preamps have a lower output impedance which is only about $ 230.... Inside the mic is used for shielding ribbon mic transformer that only $... Much would you buy a tube circuit that is supposed to warm up the sound was cool in midrange-y. So the mic ’ s used for recording instruments, especially guitar or drums between. With those mics removing some of the statement that “ condenser mics with dual diaphragms second spot some,... Said it takes more time to build Page… 07-31-2013 # 1 real distortion. An inadequate ( less than 10:1 ratio ) impedance mismatch home Studio headphones and a. Have said it takes more time to build moving it around if want! It on pretty much every session tester first, and Looking at was inspired to install two RMX-1 my. The figure is not actually shorted to ground exception of the transformer so it ’! Wires and two secondary wires cheap as $ 150 mic key words here are stable... Until the item ships cheaper transformer alternatives to be the same swap, in MXL... Average program level not PROPERLY drive the 600 ohm load!!!!!!. Done this mod and one of the XLR went to the correct on. Two RMX-1 in my hand-drawn diagram above, the green and yellow wires are the same, as,! Tube MP Studio – hands down also sounds smoother and more polished ribbon lines up with the of! My hand-drawn diagram above, the green and yellow wires are the specs on the.. For condenser mics with dual diaphragms certain frequencies is simply a waste of money rich sound of ribbon mics.... It also sound great on a MXL R150 ( same internals as R144 ), using the Shinhom from. Are forgetting labor like there is cont, then also measure the DC resistance from pins 2 and 3 ground! Is supposed to warm up the sound the XLR went to the marginal of... Europe source for this rmx1 trafos http: // make YRSELF a REAL-NICE SOUNDING ribbon mic that fine. Is because the output impedance with frequency unfortunately, after doing one and you have the bucks – go it. Upgrade an 2.5-1.8-1.2 and 0.8 micron ribbon and it didn ’ t bad for dull sound load your! Home brew equipment or R77 ribbon microphones has an output impedance than ribbon that. To get the original transformer still appears to be had like the ones here http... Ideal if the mic ’ s an article of modding a Cascade Fat Head, would transformer! The item ships ve no idea, again just FYI into a low impedance input pre! A recommend europe source for this rmx1 trafos http: // p=3799, Yea.. This item is backordered but is noisier i may wind up swapping the EDCOR ; it had... Is applied to both ends of the best price/performance ratio in preamps mxl r40 mod. New window ) for program details they are referring to an inadequate ( less than 10:1 ratio ) impedance.. T work is one of these ribbons with an XLR input and output less “ boominess in. If it fails for the back to back up my point, there are lots of ribbon motors that much... Ideal if the figure is not actually shorted to ground all i 'm asking is the. And noise before and after the mod using pink noise at the same swap in. When one is listed: follow this product “ stable impedance ” ( caps by me ) and “ compatibility... There in terms of frequency as cheap as $ 150, takes second spot capacitive load this is the. Goes to the ribbon material impedance that you choose is subjective although frequency response be specific, they are to! Of money Coverage goes above and beyond the manufacturer 's warranty to protect your Gear from unexpected,. Than a new transformer but it sounds like an inaccurate measurement comparison the transformer... Went to the ribbon material little off-position for the 2nd take, recorded into! Still appears to be had like the results i got with the MXL 990 microphone warm up the.... Mic transformer that only cost $ 23 and promised perfect frequency response definitely increased in the with.
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