It was the perfect choice! Sure, maybe I could have used a blind hem stitch and corresponding Janome Blind Hem foot, or one of the many applique stitches with the Janome Applique foot, but I wanted to use the Janome Edge Guide Foot for perfectly even, straight top stitching. On my machine (Janome TXL607) you need to use foot G, and either stitch 0 from Mode 1 or stitches 10 or 15 on mode 2. If you use a fabric with some weight, loft or texture like Trina did, the stitching will probably be totally invisible. STEP 4 Insert a blind hem foot and make the blind stitch. Insert a blind stitch foot and set a blind hem stitch. Select the blind hem stitch which looks like this – straight , straight, straight, zig-zag…. The black guide in the middle of the foot should lie against the fold in … So many people ask us how to do blind hems with this Janome blind hem foot G so we thought we’d share the goods with you: This link to our website has quite a lot of info and video’s. Rotary Even Foot Video: Creating A Blind Hem Learn how to use the Rotary Even Foot to create a blind hem. Shop at: How to Use the Janome Serger Blind Stitch Foot Adjustable Blind Hem Foot Video: Doing Topstitching Learn how to use the Adjustable Blind Hem Foot to create topstitching. Attach the Blind hem foot G to your machine. You need to use your blind hem foot, I've photographed mine below for you. Use this foot to provide accuracy and neat, flawless results. Turn up your hem the required amount and finger press or hold with clover clips.
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