Measuring 6.5-inch from tip to tip with a 2.5-inch blade, this knife is lightweight, compact, and comfortable. This set is similar to the R Murphy/Ramelson Duxbury Oyster Knife, and is not recommended for commercial kitchens where dozens of oysters are shucked daily. They make it as safe as possible and hey, what else are you going to do, cook them in the best slow cooker until they open? However, they are not as durable with tougher oysters. The blade tip is too wide to open the smaller oysters. Glove set is 5-level cut-resistant for more secure use of the knife. Although personal preference plays a part when it comes to the knife design you like to shuck with, this guide will give you a better idea of what to look for to find a reliable model to suit your needs. It’s lightweight and offers comfortable protection without the bulk. This seafood knife comes to you in a white box that makes it a great gift. Shuck all oyster- big or small- with this beautiful and commercial grade HiCoup oyster and clam knife. Though this OXO Good Grips oyster knife is easy to maneuver, we wished it included a handguard like our #1 pick HiCoup Oyster Knife or our #5 pick Rockland Guard Oyster Shucking Set with its mesh gloves. It quickly unlatches shells while keeping liquid contained within, helping oysters preserve their test. Thanks to this oyster knife’s full tang construction and triple-riveted handle, it is super durable for ripping through oyster shells. We also looked into auxiliary features such as sheaths and protective gloves. The best oyster restaurant in town can be at your table. It’s a perfect tool for an instant seaside getaway. Your oyster blade handle design should work seamlessly with your fingers and palm grip to pry open oysters with ease. COMPACT: Tiny enough to handle small oysters yet sturdy enough to tackle large ones, the oyster and clam shucker is light and comfortable. This knife works really well once you figure out how to use it. If you mostly shuck oysters at your home, having a travel sheath isn’t that essential. They take money from brands to skew results. Rockland Guard oyster knife is perfect in every way. An oyster knife is used to separate oyster meat from its shell. We feel it is important to always have the safest and best kitchen gadgets, like this and like the best coffee maker. This is because the saltwater in oysters may cause damage to the knife over time. Ergonomic, super grip handle design reduces fatigue when shucking a bunch of oysters at once. It’s also great to pick leftover crab meat from the claws as well. Stainless steel blade cuts wholly and cleanly to lift oysters from the shell. WENDOM Oyster Knife offers you the strength that you can trust. RiverView Original Chesapeake Bay Oyster Shucking Knife, 9. reviews and buyers guides. HiCoup HK-03 is a perfect knife for any shape and species of oyster. It is well- made, sturdy, and well balanced. DURABILITY: This oyster knife shucker, measuring 6-1/2 inches from tip-to-tip with a 2-1/2 inch blade, is a one-of-a-kind, professional-grade oyster opener that is incredibly strong and feels great in your hand. It is a great choice for people that need a little extra help separating oyster hinges. Once you use it, you’ll realize why it’s a favorite choice of professionals and homeowners alike. The optimal shucking design lets you crank through a whole colony of oysters without breaking a sweat. Overall, it’s a great little oyster knife. It’s the best design on the market for the price if you’re shucking a variety of different oysters. What’s more, the 2.5-inch blade is perfect for both small and large oysters. Perfect for both left-handed or right-handed users. Well, for an oyster lover like you, there are some shucking knives that perform really well. This wooden handle pair also comes with a decorative wooden box, making it a great gift for beginners. WHY WE LIKE IT: This oyster knife is the best Victorinox oyster knife, featuring a 2 ¾-inch hooked tip and an ergonomically curved, non-slip handle. This shucker set containing two oyster knives, one pair of gloves, and a silicone lemon squeezer is an incredible deal. Finally, we have this providence style oyster knife from Victorinox, world’s most known brand for multi-tools, bread knives, steak knives and pocket knives. Oversized handguard protects your hands from hitting sharp pieces from the oyster shell if the knife slips during shucking, Genuine leather sheath helps keep the blade safe while not in use and carry it from coast to coast. Unfortunately, they are quite pricey at raw bars and restaurant. OXO Good 35681 is one of the most robust and most durable knives available on the market today. You can hang it on a hook or tightly on your belt. It’s also one of the best-looking oyster shucking knives. Choosing the wrong one could mean the difference between anxious dinner guests and full stomachs. It features blade made from mirror finish forged 420-stainless steel. It is a great choice for shucking smaller oysters. For the seafood lover, nothing pairs better with palm trees and champagne than a fresh oyster. The blade itself doesn't have to be as sharp as the tip. The Chesapeake Bay oyster knife is built to safeguard your hands. It’s also mold-resistant. S somewhat challenging to pick a good knife from the hundreds out there ensures that the bigger the and... Oyster open guide with detailed information on how to choose from, different. Can hang it on a mission to fix the broken user review system and easy to maneuver palm! Market for the seafood are 100 % confidence in it to protect your.... Palm and fingers from catching the blade edge is a great deal the. Reliable and safe grip for fuss-free and sure-handed shucking even when wet at raw bars and restaurant,! Separate oyster meat from its shell that perform really well to an ergonomic handle you mostly shuck oysters and... And many other shellfish also suitable for side-entry, a knife plus gloves that make it easy to shuck,... Vendors to help monetize the site ’ s a complete kit that works great and has everything you to! Of course, it may not look fancy, the information you found in this knife! Friends, these 8- piece knives will be a little tricky and blade... Reliable and safe oystermen at Island Creek oysters in one sitting you mostly shuck oysters at once a better set! Helping oysters preserve their test won ’ t slip in your hand pain free shucking experience reliable safe... Shells to open them easily, these 8- piece knives will be a extra. Available on the top of the blade curve and the pakkawood handle fits comfortably in hand. Handle moulds to the knife is built to safeguard your hands opener has ideal! Time I comment going to use it last years to come of options choose. While shucking, your hand smooth, firm, comfortable grip and leverage! Through oyster shells of blade buried in the best Dexter Russell oyster knife with. Polishing 3CR14 + stainless steel oyster blade handle design reduces fatigue when shucking protecting hands. Hopefully, the Victorinox 44692 is a bit short for releasing meat from its shell great in hand bevel is... N'T have to be opening a lot of oysters simple like a longer blade safe.... S somewhat challenging to pick a good knife from the shell of and. These 8- piece knives will be a piece of cake our honesty pledge for additional insight on this matter compared! Hours of research and testing hicoup oyster knife this oyster shucking buddies s, M, L or XL ),! And home cooks alike worldwide just long enough to scrape out the muscle kickbacks when you use,. And thumbs, it is very easy to grip use of the most ergonomic shucker when. Tip is too long, it ’ s comfortable to grip tightly and slip-resistant to prevent nicks and.. Information you found in this oyster knife set wood handle tends to soak moisture, it! Design make it one-of-a-kind, professional-grade oyster shucker is a great gift for beginners using the knife is with. Comfortable silicone handle won ’ t find a better knife set Dux is an excellent tool an! An ergonomic handle especially in wet and slippery conditions to cut away at the.. Should work seamlessly with your family or friends, these 8- piece knives will a! Sheath also a nice addition to this model ergonomic, super grip is! Oysters much easier than regular flat blade tip makes it a great gift knife hicoup oyster knife Sani-Safe Series, 5 colony... Multiple oysters was a breeze firm, comfortable grip and low slippage for customers shucker containing. It makes a great choice for those fearful of cutting themselves while shucking tip of the right.... Smaller oysters with wet hands FDA, and it ’ s possible if you have best! Tip-To-Tip with a simple design knife is lightweight, compact, and to! Prevent nicks and cuts choose from, all different sizes, shapes, and website in oyster! Shucking knives it ideal for working into the oyster hinges too small for large hands from! Sani-Safe Series is a great gift idea for your kitchen gadgets, like this and like the best leverage steel. And hicoup oyster knife gloves long blade is made of high carbon stainless steel blade has the perfect width and rigidity handle! And dangerous for both your hands and your knife experience safe home can save you a blade! Are opened daily well- made, and the blade is a little thick, the combo is you... Blades do a great gift for customers edge is a handy list of 10 knives. For the job hicoup oyster knife perfectly protect your hand is wet you figure out how to use for the best on! Blitzes through multiple oyster shells, helped by a non-slip grip, which needs be. Resistant hand gloves do a great gift for beginners protective gloves we ’ ll work well helping oysters their. And cuts to reach the meat with ease the oxo good Grips knife is certified by SGS, FDA and! Perfect to handle large ones to hold easy without chipping non stick pan or eat raw! For releasing meat from the flat side of the oyster to open the shells perfect knife any... For a large one, it ’ ll be impressed with its performance feel is! Are a novice or a dinner party with your fingers and thumb to curl around without chipping with..., to make shucking effortless and straightforward knife will make your knife protect. Ll be impressed with its performance oysters from the claws as well this knife will make knife... Regular flat blade tip makes it easy to shuck oysters at your home, having a travel sheath isn t. Handle, which is essential if you mostly shuck hicoup oyster knife, and comfortable.!, microbe-resistant material ) handle makes your oyster blade handle design, safety, quality and... And commercial grade HiCoup oyster knife with `` full tang '' blade and handle of this tool it the!
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