Contrary to popular belief, you can successfully grow a wide variety of fruit trees right in your own backyard but there are a few things you’ll need to know first. 'The book' says that the most basic type—red raspberries—can only be grown as far South as USDA Zone 6. Aileen Guzman, a camper from Henry’s Place, walks through fruit trees at Ahern Orchard Friday, July 31, 2020. Henrys Place is a summer camp for inner-city youth named after Las Vegas … Ideal Growing Conditions for Raspberry Plants. So he can't grow raspberries; because they require a certain number of 'chilling hours' (nights in the mid to low 40s or colder) to bear fruit. Raspberries … Address: 2745 North Nellis Boulevard • Las Vegas, NV 89115 Phone: (702) 550-0190 If you grow only one fruit in your yard, consider raspberries. But I personally know of patches that thrive in zones 7 and 8. They're simple to grow and spread quickly with little help from you.
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