Perhaps not laminates, then look at possibly the Cordoba C 5 vs … Cordoba C3m versus C5. The C3M has a matte finish which I prefer. Anyone own a C3M or have any first-hand experience comparing the two. Just so the Cordoba C3M Vs Yamaha C40 is a more heated argument, both Cordoba and Yamaha decided on using different tops, Cordoba choosing the cedar top. Cordoba C3M Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar Presenting the C3M One of the most popular models and a staple in the Iberia Series lineup, the Cordoba C3M is a full-sized, handcrafted guitar. Luthiers only began using the cedar … The Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar is a part of the Iberia Series lineup. … It is a handcrafted and full-sized guitar. It’s made with mahogany back and sides, solid cedar top, and designed with the Spanish fan … If you’re a newbie guitarist and desire a more full-size classical guitar produced out of genuine wood. It is built … What else am I giving up to save $100 (new price)? Suggestion for C5 vs C7.
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