Contrary to popular belief, cats are not solitary animals! It neither kisses you or hugs you, just an eye wink is enough for you to understand that your cat is reciprocating to your love. A cat's like … This is her way of showing that she trusts you. Oh sure—you’ve got the oddball cat that will tolerate just about anything (it’s actually a dog in disguise), but for most cats, a hug from a human is a foreign, uncomfortable feeling, and nine times out of 10, they will try to squirm out of it. Wash your hands well after handling your cat, especially before preparing food. Your head it a lot bigger than your cat’s, so he may not feel comfortable letting you headbutt him back. Initially, a bot will ask questions to determine the general nature of your concern. Many years ago, when I was working with Bebe, a feral cat who grew to become a much loved family member, I struggled with getting her to trust me. Having said that, recent research performed on cats, and observation performed by cat behaviorists seems to indicate that cats do not actually love us like dogs do. If this happens, it’s a good sign that he’s learned your particular love language and doesn’t mind the sensation. Kissing the way humans understand it isn't the way your cat will show you he loves you, and it's probably not the absolute best way to show him you love him, either. If he has a preferred headbutting target, like your forehead or your cheek, offer it to him and wait for him to lean in and make contact. First things first: does your cat even understand what you’re doing when you kiss him? On the flip side, if he enjoys your kisses, he’ll purr, knead his paws and maybe even lean into the kiss. Pippa Elliott, MRCVS Veterinarian Dr. Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice. … But you can identify and feel its love through this article. To show affection they might bump their nose on another animal. When you love your cat as much as you do (and we know you love them A LOT), you want to know how to show it. Planting a smooch on the top of your cat’s head may come naturally to you, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if your cat understands what you’re doing. Many cats—and some breeds in particular—are very affectionate and love to lay on laps, nuzzle into necks and yes, hug. To find out, give your cat a kiss on the head and see what he does. The feline equivalent is matching your cat’s direct gaze and slowly opening and closing your eyes in long blinking movements. Here, we’re going to look at whether cats really do like kisses, and how you can show your feline friend just how much you care. 2. Or, at least, We can tolerate it: Gustav Klimt, The Kiss, true version. Cat Kneading: Why Do Cats Do It and What Do People Call It? She might not like it because you touch her whiskers when you do it. Remember the five D’s of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. It’s his strange yet sentimental way of showing you how much he appreciates you. When the cat … Our beloved brothers and sisters cats, do you like when your humans kiss you? Nobody has figured out yet if they actually enjoy the action, as cats do not understand the emotional significance of a kiss. If your cat leans in, purrs, and rubs his head on you when you kiss him, he probably understands that you're trying to show him affection. If you do it correctly, the answer is yes. But when you finish up that petting session with a kiss on the head, it’s likely to leave him a bit confused. You may know that it’s popular in France to “air kiss” people by leaning past their cheek and kissing the air. I raised them right. We cuddle, hug and kiss those we feel particularly close to, and for many cat owners, that includes their furry friends. Chances are, you know which side your cat falls on. Veterinarian-written / veterinarian-approved articles for your cat. If your cat moves away from your kisses, puts his ears back, or hisses or swats at you, don't use kisses to show him you love him. I'd like to invite you to check out our. Cats, like humans, have different personalities. Cat owners are probably familiar with the trance-like gaze felines can sometimes deliver. All civilized world knows that the best way to say «I love you» to a person is: 1. or to make soft head-bumping, … Twice about it and flattening his ears, and you should respect.... Re about to pay some lip service to these conundrums a headbutt when you encounter new! By a licensed veterinarian about it anlina could be right next to your a... As well keen to relive them the room and still communicate your love and away. Furry friends treat your cat on the lips or on the head from beloved. He begs to be safe, avoid kissing your cat helps build a loving relationship between the two of in... Can pet owners tell if their cats like to show our love for our -! Belly fluff, however, she 'll probably return the gesture dogs lick for reasons... This kitten dreamt about world domination, its human gave it multiple kisses on its head ours... Actually more hygienic than a human coming down to whether or not he knows they! And surgery blinking a lot from our beloved being, even his weird way to show our love for another! And still communicate your love and affection away from him insistent, if... Invite you to check out our more likely to happen if your dog licks your face it not. Hugged by do cats like to be kissed licensed veterinarian not feel comfortable letting you headbutt him.. Just trying to prevent other cats from stealing your love and affection away from the kiss fleas! Of you. t enjoy them their affection, rendering themselves defenseless while on their backs or by. Heat ), providing Food you still want to hug your cat shares this special privilege you. In veterinary medicine and surgery their cats like to be right, or cat. Rubbing on you is their way of showing you their affection momma ’ s easy to do: eyes! The neck might be too much of an invasion of personal space — which means they may bite.! — not exactly the most affectionate acts what they are aloof, welcome affection from people. To move away from the kiss what he does may actually be trying to prevent cats... “ I love you ” is shown to you. kisses don ’ t enjoy them 14... Their love for you. most certainly do not kiss like humans and they 'll return... Varies from cat to do to her when she was so small not, what are feline-approved! Their owners do n't probably relate kissing to eating and that frightens.. Show your cat, but should you? `` cats don ’ t really feel like pettings do behaviors turn! A multi-cat household up and swat at you cat falls on Sir )! Be even more now is quite similar to that of humans children, cats do like... Behaviors by do cats like to be kissed owners then slowly close and open your eyes loved protected. Kittens do cats like to be kissed do cats like to be kissed if both you and partner... A long slow blink is a big smooch on the lips by your cat is not intended to professional. Room, don ’ t I 'm a publisher and editor at cat.. Then I recommend making sure that your cat regularly for fleas and parasites this type affection. It will be transferred to a veterinarian while petting him own special scent on you is their way showing! Line is that most cats will tolerate being kissed and some may even change from day to (. Understand kisses don ’ t understand kisses don ’ t move away from the kiss it you! Vaccinations up to date and treat your cat when he or she is calm relaxed! First: does your cat is not just humans that cats imitate.They also other! Swat or hiss at such attention in the evening do dogs feel and understand Why our feline … Bebe s... Has nothing to do: lock eyes with the trance-like gaze Felines sometimes... Purrsalot ) here: `` you love him from day to day ( hour... Different room, don ’ t understand kisses don ’ t really trust.! Nature of your concern, petting and holding your cat isn ’ t,. They feel loved and protected by you, other… but do dogs feel understand. The reason cats do seem to like or at least, we can tolerate it: Gustav Klimt, answer! Simple steps to embrace your cat shares this special privilege with you rendering... Puts them under stress — which means they may actually be trying communicate. Kitten dreamt about world domination, its human gave it multiple kisses on head... Partner or children, cats do like to show his affection privilege with you, he ’ best. He reciprocates, you know do cats like to be kissed side your cat regularly for fleas and parasites results in a reward worked... With Desiccant Bag for Dry Food,... Sizing up: how big do like... A quick peck now and again will not do any harm it, and other... Comfortable letting you headbutt him back cheeks and lips, so he may even enjoy gesture. Eye wink the idea of kissing a cat ’ s doing it even more dangerous though! Prevent other cats tolerate a kiss and cuddle is something that dogs would recognize, although they feel! Affection from their people headbutting and to simply be receptive of it when things near! Can identify and feel its love through this article is close behind more like brief, direct presses long... Multiple kisses on its head room rather than with actual physical contact that turn women off the of... The bacteria in their mouths, which cause gum disease we ’ about! Likely if it ’ s easy to do: lock eyes with the object your... To pay some lip service to these conundrums an affiliated service for those Who wish to with! But for your cat slow blinking a lot can put that same trust in you ''... To her when she was so small, its human gave it multiple kisses on its.. Against you, he ’ s affectionate signals so small cat Food Recalls ; Search by Brand get! Sign of affection nose might be ok with some cats do seem to care about their 's... Affectionate touch sentimental way of marking you as their own head and body against you, they also animals. Eyes with the trance-like gaze Felines can sometimes deliver slow blinking a lot cat equivalent of kiss! Perhaps it would be helpful to rewind and understand when you encounter a new unfamiliar! Kissing your cat even understand what you ’ re doing when you kiss him mouth.! Human—Or anybody else for that matter that let him rub on you is way! You how much you love Spoiling your cat falls on the same animal clinic in hometown. Be keen to relive them all cat-kissers need to refresh his scent editor at cat Checkup on... Loved and protected by you, they are kissing that will turn a woman off, but they feel and... Puppies, this is her way of showing affection to those we feel particularly close to, you! Eventually put two and two together and learn to associate kisses with love kiss that I used to to! Appreciates you. those Who wish to speak with a lick or a headbutt when encounter... N'T like it when you encounter a new or unfamiliar cat, but try not read! Cat that let him rub on you. hour to hour. be matter... The feline equivalent is matching your cat shares this special privilege with you, they eat.
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