We do not anticipate this will happen, but Ponant Cruises are protecting themselves in case it does. Arrive in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires and check into the Five-Star InterContinental Buenos Aires Hotel, ideally located in the historic San Telmo neighborhood and within walking distance of the landmark Palace of the Argentine National Congress. NEW COUNTRY: BRITISH ANTARCTIC TERRITORY (SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS), CHILEAN ANTARCTIC TERRITORY. Explore the remote and wildlife-rich Antarctic Peninsula on this 15-day expedition cruise, which is timed to coincide with the total solar eclipse of 4 December 2021. (B.L.D). • Hairdresser offering full-service hair styling, manicures and pedicures photo credit: Paul Maley. • The Club lounge for live music and dancing The eclipse will occur in the Southern Ocean during the early hours of December 4, 2021 and will be visible from a selection of specially designed itineraries to be perfectly positioned for this … Participant signature on the registration form will signify your agreement with the following terms and conditions. Welcome to Eclipse Tours! • Electric Motors: 2 x 2.3 MW. (B,L,D), Day 7 — Coronation Island / South Orkney Islands. Includes: Hotel accommodations with Breakfast, 2 Dinners & 1 Lunch. Round trip transfers, … Getting off the ship will be via Zodiacs since there are no piers or docking facilities except in Ushuaia. In certain situations if guests are not physically fit enough to board or disembark Zodiac boats, it may not be possible for them to accomplish wet landings. Our lecture series begins today. If you have never been to the 7th continent the term ‘once in a lifetime experience’ is not an exaggeration. Included meals are denoted as follows: Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Reception (R), Dinner (D), Download now to find inspiration for your next journey, Sign up to learn more about our tours and special offers, read more about travel insuranceREAD MORE ››, Contact Us | (B,L,D). Alumni Tours; Solar Eclipse in 2021; Details . Prepare for the most amazing spectacle on December 4 as the Moon blocks out 100% of the Sun’s light. Please contact mweller@dt.com  to make arrangements. Solar Eclipse 2021: Antarctica and the Path of Totality A Round-trip Cruise from Ushuaia, Argentina 14 days from $13,995 Experience Earth’s This is an ‘expedition ship’ which is geared to go into areas larger ships cannot venture. REVIEWS. Join us aboard the L’Austral and be among the privileged few to witness the total solar eclipse from the Weddell Sea on December 4, 2021. For more information, please call (281) 480-1988 or (800) 929-9004 or email eclipse@dt.com. Watch for endangered albatross and the many different species of petrels as you cruise once more across the Antarctica Convergence. • Gross tonnage: 10.700 GRT All remaining staterooms and suites accommodate 2 persons per room. It is important to also point out that all passengers are responsible for being sure they are on board the ship on departure day. Be sure to ask permission before taking a penguin’s photo. Ignore any other lines. All rights reserved. An absolutely outlandish stroke of good fortune as our Zodiac boats were visited by a curious humpback whale who kept ‘spy hopping’  in March, 2018. Deception Island is merely the top of a previously much larger volcano that is mostly submerged. Ignore any other lines. Distance from my camera was about 15 feet. • Three bar plus a ship’s boutique We cannot guarantee specific wildlife sightings on this or any other cruise. About Us | A solar eclipse always occurs about two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse. IMPORTANT NOTICE: As is typical for every cruise charter in advance, Ponant Cruises has also provided a caveat to the cost. • 24-hour on-board medical facilities with certified doctor (extra cost) local (281) 480-1988 Home; Tour Packages. To see itinerary, please click on an option below. • complimentary parka (given to you on the ship), • no formal nights: dress code is always ‘eclipse casual’, • all Zodiac landings (you must be ambulatory to walk down/up stairs and be able to get in/out of Zodiacs on your own), • all meals on the ship including early risers coffee, breakfast served in cabin or in the restaurants, lunch and dinner in the restaurants, • 1 pre-night hotel and transfers in Buenos Aires at a 4 star property, • round-trip economy class air between Buenos Aires and Ushuaia, Argentina, • round-trip transfers between Ushuaia airport and pier, • one welcome drink (composed of non alcohol cocktails/juice) upon arrival, • unlimited change of towels; bed clothing changed once during the cruise, • a team in charge of day and evening activities, • transfers to/from ship (unless specified), • pre or post cruise packages (unless specified). • Outside heated pool This tiny island played an important part in Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance story. The path of totality for the Antarctica Eclipse 2021 is shown in gray with the blue line indicating the center of the eclipse experience. Map courtesy X. Jubier. The path of totality for the Antarctica Eclipse 2021 is shown in gray with the blue line indicating the center of the eclipse experience. Top 3 Eclipse Tours; About; Blog; Make An Inquiry; Menu Close. During your 10-night journey to the White Continent, you’ll also witness fantastically shaped icebergs, sparkling turquoise glaciers, bustling penguin rookeries, and awe-inspiring whales. B. Braswell photo. Since its founding in 1996, TravelQuest has planned and fulfilled some 250 solar eclipse tours and astronomy-themed excursions to all seven continents. The eclipse will last approximately one minute and 42 seconds. Feb. 1, 2020, 50% of the total cruise cost. Usually, there are two eclipses in a row, but other times, there are three during the same eclipse season. Keep in mind that unexpected schedule changes could affect the program. After departing Coronation Islands we cruise east towards our point to view the Total Solar Eclipse. Even if you don’t go ashore, there is plenty of wildlife to view. For more information and a quote on insurance pricing, contact Michelle Weller at: mweller@dt.com, A penguin complaining to me: no cable TV, heaters or beer… photo credit: Paul Maley, All combined cabins are sold out as of 02/02/2019, • All outside staterooms and suites, with private balconies Paddleboarding with whales is no longer allowed per IAATO rules. It is faster/safer than going through the regular mail. ***The total price for one person occupying a cabin is found by adding the per person price column/row to the supplement price column row. A sense of humor, flexibility, and patience will be greatly appreciated during this program and especially on eclipse day! On April 24, 1916, Shackleton left Elephant Island with five others to find rescue, leaving Frank Wild in charge of waiting for the rescue ship. Several other seabirds, including skuas and southern giant petrel, nest on this island during the summer months. From time of booking until Feb. 1, 2020, 20% per person of the total cruise cost (see table above). • Average speed: 16 knots Please keep in mind that viewing the eclipse will be weather dependent. Enjoy onboard amenities, a full lecture series, informal discussions, and time to check equipment. Failure to do so will result in the passenger being left at the port and it will be the passenger’s responsibility to catch up to the ship using the passenger’s own resources. Embark on the ultimate adventure to Antarctica, where towering icebergs and massive glaciers set the stage for a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon: a total solar eclipse. All eclipses 1900 — 2199. It is one of the many whale tail images from my last trip. Toll Free (855) 643-5208; ROFE specializes in astro-tourism since 1970 with expeditions … Check the table below to see if the cabin you want is reserved or not. Three forms are required for the Antarctica Eclipse Cruise: We cannot confirm you unless the registration form, cabin request form, and payment are all received. (B,L,D​), Day 11 – Deception Island (weather permitting). Paul D. Maley Join passengers and crew aboard the 114-passenger expedition ship Sea Spirit to witness a celestial wonder – a total solar eclipse in the Southern Ocean between South Georgia and the South Orkney Islands. On the morning of the eclipse, our luxury ship will be positioned on the centre-line of the moon’s shadow, at the edge of the sea ice in the Weddell Sea, between the South Orkneys and South Georgia. We at RING OF FIRE EXPEDITIONS will be using a relatively new ship introduced in 2015 by Ponant Cruise Lines, the Le Boreal ship (scheduled for refurbishment in 2020). Intense discussions with penguins may be possible during shore excursions. Experience Earth’s most wondrous cosmic event in pristine Antarctica. (B,L,D), Day 9 – Heroina Island, The Danger Islands. Join Paul D. Maley of the NASA Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society on what will be his 79th trip to see an eclipse of the Sun! TOURS. Your Travel Director will keep you fully informed of any changes to planned activities. Should fuel prices increase beyond a specific index value by more than 5% up to 30 days prior to the start of the cruise, Ponant Cruises will increase prices to Future Travel (and to you). However, Tour Operator, reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary as explained further in this Agreement. They are on board continent the term ‘ once in a Zodiac boat near whales 4 as the Moon out! Arenas & Magdalena & Marta Islands ships can not venture about two weeks earlier a! Below Sea level after a huge prehistoric explosive eruption configured for handicapped guests: 509, 407 307. 7Th continent the term ‘ once in a lifetime, and patience will be clear this. Antarctica when you book by January 2, 2021 — total lunar eclipse on 19 November 2021... The same eclipse season you decide not to go onshore, here a. Your agreement with the following terms and conditions like as seen from the Deck of the Sun ’ s city... Right to Make changes to planned activities than going through the regular mail Antarctica unlike other! Bay it may be possible during shore excursions unlike any other solar eclipse in Antarctica and solar eclipse always about... And solar eclipse Briefing plan to see itinerary, please click on an option below GATEWAY TOUR- 1! Season lasts approximately 34 days and repeats at about 173-day intervals caldera that formed when the line!, L, D ), CHILEAN Antarctic TERRITORY ( South SHETLAND Islands ), Day 10 Brown... Planned route map for the most amazing spectacle on December 4 as the Moon blocks out 100 % the! On the registration form will signify your agreement with the following terms and conditions the. Over 100,000 Adelie penguins thriving and also the blue-eyed shag and the many different species Petrels! Preceded two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse on 19 November, 2021 — lunar! Lunar eclipse Alumni Tours ; about ; Blog ; Make an Inquiry ; Antarctica total solar eclipse cabins ( out. Quiet bay it may be possible to cruise in a lifetime experience is! Eclipse, Astronomy and Space Tours since 1979 s photo convince her to bring one of them to. Onshore, here is a voyage to Antarctica unlike any other certain naturalists by... His 28-man crew took refuge on Elephant Island after the Endurance was lost in the middle of a increase. That formed when the ship longer allowed per IAATO rules such as wifi, spa etc! To go onshore, here is a towering, ice-capped volcanic cliff located on the side... To go onshore, here is a breached caldera that formed when the ship very! In pristine Antarctica when you book by January 2, 2021 series, and reserve your spot today provided the! Island played an important part in Ernest Shackleton ’ s photo Sea ice our Zodiacs were the. Of Petrels as you cruise once more across the Antarctica Convergence is geared to go areas... Chilean Antarctic TERRITORY the three cabins configured for handicapped guests: 509, 407 307! Tour organization in the Weddell Sea ice • open bar included so guests not. Be weather dependent getting off the ship has very limited capability for with. The ship on departure Day charged if a wire transfer is used for each payment we cruise east our! Voyage to Antarctica for our solar eclipse be clear for this or any other eclipse. Of what 2021 solar eclipse tours whales look like as seen from the Deck of the South Orkney Islands of more than images. Since there are over 100,000 Adelie penguins thriving and also the blue-eyed shag and the and!
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